Planning on Hiring a Contractor?

Is This You?

-Going around getting estimates resulting in numbers all over the place.
-The estimates are not detailed enough for you to have an accurate assessment of the cost of the project
-Worried about the contractors overcharging or ending up with a surprise inflated invoiced at the end
-Contractor expecting you to create the design, source materials, and manage the vendors even though you are not a designer.
-Contractor pressuring you to have materials on-site even though you are still debating if your floor match your counters
-Expectations are not clear between you and the contractor causing confusion throughout the project
-Project delays causing you to hunt down your contractor because you haven't seen him in days.

Fortunately, These are Problems this Guide Will Help You Solve

You Need a Plan

Select Your Materials


Make Sure You are Comfortable with an Open Line of Communication

Example Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

Choose a Pricing Option

Know what to look for, ask for, and establish expectations with the contractor so you don't waste your time or lose your money.


Working with Contractors

How to work with Contractors

In order to get an accurate bid instead of an estimate, ensure your budget stays on track and you end up with a final product you love you need to understand how to work with contractors.